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Translation Services

Our translation agency is dedicated to filling in communication gaps with accurate translations in any medium including:

  • Scientific translations (medicine, biology, geology, ecology including medical reports, abstracts, certificates, research papers and scientific publications);
  • Technical translations (automotive industry, oil and gas, electronics and microelectronics, IT and software/applications localization, machinery and engineering, metals and mining, construction, shipbuilding, agriculture and foods, telecommunications, power industry and nuclear science);
  • Accounting and financial translations (business, finance, economics, advertising and marketing);
  • Literary translations;
  • Legal translations (contracts, legal acts, court orders, foundation and incorporation documents, powers of attorney, police files and road police tickets);
  • Personal documents translations (work records, housing and utility service receipts, preparation of your CV according to international standards);

We are a client-focused company, and we understand that our customers may need some urgent translation services. We willingly do urgent translation jobs at the urgent job rate subject to discussion in each individual case.

We work with the following language pairs: English-Russian, Russian-English, German-Russian, Russian-German, French-Russian, Russian-French, Italian-Russian, Russian-Italian, Spanish-Russian, Russian-Spanish, Ukrainian-Russian, Russian-Ukrainian.

Interpretation Services

Basic factor of your business success is your development in multicultural global environment and ability to adopt to modern international standards. We are eager to assist in your business growth by exact interpretation of your business goals and strategies. We employ only professional interpreters having expertise in:

  • international conferences and presentations;
  • business meetings;
  • trainings, tutorials and workshops;
  • exhibitions, official visits, business trips etc.

We are able to provide one of our expert interpreters on-site, and if you address us with your interpretation order in advance (5-7 days prior to your business event), make sure all your business materials are carefully studied and all your authentic ideas are precisely interpreted to the target language of your choice. We deal with only experts of consecutive interpretation. Do not hesitate to ask any questions, order our services and submit your materials using Get a Quote form.

DTP and Graphic Design

LingvaArt Translation Agency provides services of DTP (Desktop Publishing) and graphic design in various formats, i.e. execution of translation in exact compliance with the original source and with our customers’ ideas and intentions.

DTP Services include:

  • Digital conversion of graphic data into text data;
  • Execution of technical drawings and schemes in exact compliance with the customer’s original documents;
  • Typesetting in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF and other formats.

The cost of DTP (Desktop Publishing) and graphic design (in PDF, MS Word/Excel and other formats) depends on the project complexity. However, we are a client-focused company, and we provide flexible DISCOUNTS to our customers making large translation/interpretation orders. And of course, we sincerely welcome our loyal customers and grant additional DISCOUNTS to show our devotion.

Certified Translation and Notary Certification

Upon our customer’s request, we certify translation with the seal of LingvaArt Translation Agency.

We translate personal documents: passports, certificates of birth, marriage and divorce, diplomas, work records and curriculum vitae, driver’s licenses, housing and utility service receipts and road police tickets, and provide assistance in a further notarial certification of translations.

Localization Services

Software translation is the way to introduce your authentic SW to a foreign market. It is a time-consuming process requiring optimization to the language and culture of the target country. LingvaArt Translation Agency is ready to offer you a number of translation and localization services including translation of your software/applications, of your web-site content, of electronic libraries and videogames including translation of audio/video materials and transcription.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions, our experts assist you in any matter and tell you exact cost of your translation/interpretation job. Call +7 (831) 4152491, cell +7 908 736 7500, or e-mail: lingvart@mail.ru. You can also submit your translation/interpretation order using Get a Quote form in our web-site.